Monday, 22 July 2013

Cool Birds

Well for the last week it has been really quite hot here on the east coast of England. 
I have decided that spring and autumn are definitely my favourite times of year; the summer sun doesn't like me much. 
My poor old computer has been chugging away in the heat, gasping for breath on a few occasions, a bit like me, and so I have turned it off for a while to let it cool down.
Consequently I am a bit behind with what’s been going on in the garden.

The birds have been desperate to cool down too

© Gibby Frogett

© Gibby Frogett
Managed to capture some young Blue Tits having fun in a bottle bath.  Aren't they just adorable all wet and be-draggled.

© Gibby Frogett

Also saw a Great Tit too, something which I seem to be seeing less of lately. Could be one of those phases; things disappear for a while then suddenly return. Hope that’s the case for the Thrushes as not seen one for about a month or so now.


  1. Great photos! So cute!!!
    The birds in my garden are all hot as well and as for the plants they are all wilted, even the ones in the ground in the shade. I am really hoping the forecast rain happens tomorrow.

  2. Great photos Gill, so glad you captured those cute little ones having a great time x


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