Friday, 12 July 2013

First young Robin 11th July 2013

At last - seen our first young Robin - about time too after the amount food the adults have been taking away over the last few months. Just as well we have our bird food delivered by the sack load!
Not good photo as taken again through glass.

Robin (juvenile) © Gibby Frogett

 ADJUGA © Gibby Frogett

The Adjuga is starting to fade and die but I quite like the colours it changes to first, its like having another plant flower as it's so different to the original colour.


I couldn't believe how this Dunnock was spread out on the narrow horizontal strut of the fence. He did look funny, all fluffed up and trying to stretch out in the same way it would if on the ground.
He nearly fell off a few times too.

DUNNOCK © Gibby Frogett

DUNNOCK © Gibby Frogett
Birds always look so manic when they fluff up their feathers and have their mouth wide open.

LILAC BARK © Gibby Frogett

I thought this photo of some Lilac bark might be useful for some art projects as loved the texture. Not sure it's particularly healthy for the Lilac though.

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