Thursday, 8 August 2013

Todays Pickings

We didn't really plan to grow anything this year but after a late decision to do some, luckily the weather made up for lost time and things are coming along nicely

There was one poor little strawberry left that somehow we managed to cut in half and share.
Made this digital layout using a kit called 'Jade' by Algera Designs


  1. Enjoy your new blog... looks like one I'll be keepng an eye on. We enjoy bird and hedgehog visitors too. I've just been watching a couple of hedgehogs at my feeding station with IR cam. I love your profile comment on them being like Sumo wrestlers - you're not wrong there ;-)

  2. I am so jealous of your beans and courgette :)
    I'm sorry but I can't say the same about dessert!!!
    Great page too, really love what you have created.

  3. Delicious produce, looks so tasty - Beautifully scrapped page and photo x


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