Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Busy Robin

It was easy to get a photo as this is the Robin that will often come up on to my pot of fat pellets while I am holding it.
When I spotted him waiting outside the back door I knew what he wanted but the pot was empty. I had to run off and quickly get some and tell him to wait - which he did - must be the way I whistled at him or maybe I've learnt to speak Robin at last :)
So he was very obliging and posed nicely for me just before my camera battery ran out and then flew off very happy with a mouthful of moth and fat.
The digi kit used to make this scrap page was 'One fine day' by G&T Designs
thanks for looking x


  1. This is a beautiful page and wonderful photographs :) And I would love to see him with a goody bag!!! The "kids" would be impressed too!!!

    1. Thanks Natasha.... wouldn't it save lots of time and trips - if only :)

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  3. Love this. Goodie bags for birds are a great idea! Several of my fat balls have been stolen by the crows who just hook the whole thing of the nail and fly off with it, too funny! Hugs, Valerie


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